CBPR+ documentation

To begin with, I would like to let you know where the key CBPR+ documentation can be found. 


CBPR+ landing page


The best way to learn about CBPR+ is to visit their landing page on MyStandards portal. To access MyStandards Portal either the MyStandards or SWIFT account is needed. The account is free of charge. To access the CBPR+ documentation I created my own SWIFT account which is not connected to any Financial Institution. To create such an account you may follow this link: How to become a SWIFT user. You will find all the information there.

Once you have created your account you should be able to access the CBPR+ landing page on MyStandards. If you click on this link: MyStandards, after you log in, you will access the MyStandards portal, where you will find a dedicated button that will take you to the CBPR+ landing page.



CBPR+ page contains a lot of information. It’s a great place to start our journey, as we have all the necessary links there.

In my opinion, there are three elements of CBPR+ documentation that are particularly helpful in understanding how cross-border payments are processed.

These are:

(1) CBPR+ User Handbook

(2) CBPR+ Sample Messages

(3) CBPR+ Usage Guidelines & Readiness Portal


They can be found in the following places on the CBPR+ landing page:



Let’s talk about them one by one.


CBPR+ User Handbook


To access this document click on the following link on CBPR+ landing page.



This document walks you through the most important concepts of CBPR+ and describes in detail every message which is in the scope of CBPR+.
Additionally, there are examples of the message flows provided, which offer a great opportunity to learn how each message behaves in the business context.

These examples are complemented by Sample Messages, which brings us to the next point.


CBPR+ Sample Messages


We can access the Sample Messages by following the path described below:



These sample messages show detailed examples of messages for chosen flows presented in CBPR+ User Handbook.

CBPR+ User Handbook and Sample Messages are highly valuable sources of information.

But still, to investigate the messages’ specifications in depth we need to explore CBPR+ Usage Guidelines & Readiness Portal.


CBPR+ Usage Guidelines & Readiness Portal


We can access the CBPR+ Usage Guidelines & Readiness Portal by following the path described below:

To begin with, you need to request access to CBPR+ documentation.
After your request is approved, you will be able to consult Usage Guidelines and validate the messages against the CBPR+ rules in Readiness Portal.
To learn how to navigate on MyStandards you may consult MyStandards User Guide available here.
You can also have a look at the following document on ECB website: T2 MyStandards and Readiness Portal User Guide. This document was prepared in the context of TARGET migration to ISO 20022, however, the information provided may be useful whenever you need to work with MyStandards Portal.

I hope the above CBPR+ deliverables will help you to familiarise yourself with the new normal for cross-border payments and will be an invaluable source of information for your own payment investigations.


Ps. CBPR+ also defined the MT/ISO 20022 translation rules for the coexistence period between these two standards until 2025. However, since these are not publicly available I will not cover this topic here.