What is CBPR+?

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But, what is CBPR+?

In a nutshell, Cross-Border Payments and Reporting Plus (CBPR+) is a market group that prepares the documentation for SWIFT cross-border payments migration to ISO 20022. So, the work of CBPR+ is strictly related to the SWIFT ISO 20022 adoption program. 

You can learn about this SWIFT initiative here.

This is important as generally ISO 20022 messages may be exchanged via various Network Service Providers. However, in the context of CBPR+ migration, we are talking about SWIFT initiative and the payments processed via SWIFT network.

As we can see from the CBPR+ name, this migration is related to cross-border payments. The topic of cross-border payments is very complex.

As I think it is important to remind us of the most important aspects related to cross-border payments before we dive deep into the message analysis, I prepared on the following page the summary of key elements of cross-border payments

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