Payments Market Practice Group

In this short section I would like to introduce Payments Market Practice Group (PMPG).

When we go to the following SWIFT page: Market Practice | Swift we can learn about some market groups that are closely connected to SWIFT solutions.

One of the groups is Payments Market Practice Group.

The importance of this group can be seen already from the brief description:



What I wanted to highlight in this picture is the fact that PMPG is the coordinator of the two groups which are crucial for our analysis of ISO 20022 implementations: CBPR+ and HVPS+.

CBPR+ implementation of ISO 20022 standard forms a major part of my website.
A detailed description of my analysis of cross-border payments based on CBPR+ documentation can be found here: CBPR+

Additionally both CBPR+ and HVPS+ will help us to prepare a basic diagram that will accompany many of our investigations. This diagram as well as a short description of these groups will be provided in the next section of Miscellaneous.

When we go to the dedicated page related to PMPG we can see that from there we can access PMPG Document centre:




And in the PMPG Document centre there is a lot of very interesting and important documents. I will refer to them in various articles on this website.

Already on the first page, we can see how many documents cover different aspects of ISO 20022 migration:



In the next section, we are going to explore how different market groups define ISO 20022 implementation rules in various sectors of payment industry.